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Project Description
Paste As Text automatically (or manually) formats text you copy off applications to plain text.

How many times have you copied text off a web page, word document or presentation and pasted it into another application to get the formatting along with the text? I have, many many times. Mostly, it's quite useful to have the formatting come along with the text. But sometimes when you've got your own stylesheet in your document it can be a bit annoying. Sure, the problem is easy to fix in the Office applications using Paste Special and a macro but what about all the other applications. Most people I know end up pasting the text into Notepad first and then copying it into the target application. While this works it is far from optimal.

Paste As Text solves this everyday problem simply and efficiently. When installed it will put a shortcut in your Startup folder. It sits in the system tray and listens for clipboard events. As soon as something is copied into the clipboard, Paste As Text converts the copied text (if it is text) to plain text so that when you paste you get the text and nothing else. This "Automatic" behaviour can be turned off using a menu option on the system tray icon. You can still use Paste As Text to format copied text to plain text by simply clicking the system tray icon.

I can't think of a whole lot of stuff that I might be able to add to this application. It is a simple application to solve a very small problem. Please feel free to contribute suggestions/code.

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